Over the years  I have created web applications and tools either because they have presented a challenge that I wanted to overcome, or a need that I couldn’t find on the web… Please feel free to use these at your leisure.

Unicode Viewer

A work collegue (Alex Walker), was working on the  design competition. In order to remain within the 1 kilobyte limitation, Alex used a variety of Unicode characters in place of graphics as they only take up 1 byte of data, but due to they scalable nature of characters they are a great source of usable graphics. At the same time, another work collegue (Fred Wu) had recently created a jQuery script to achieve an endless scroll.

Please use my app to source new an interesting characters and glyphs for your web projects.

Unicode Viewer

Other Great Online Tools

 Glyph Font Generator

Fonts are great. They are lightweight libraries of vector graphics… Think about it, if you need or an ‘F’ in 5pt OR 1000pt it renders perfectly ever time. Better still rendering it at any size only take a few bytes. With site speed being an important factor in the success of your site, wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to generate graphics in the same way as a character from a font… I present IcoMoon. Generate a font library of only the glyphs and icons you need. Lightweight, vector graphics…


More that I haven’t written up yet



  1. Eddie

    Great tool thx… Is there an easier way to copy the unicode for a character?

    11 years agoReply
  2. dan

    It is actually something im looking into. I’ll keep you posted.

    11 years agoReply

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